Friday, November 05, 2004

Following Spurs' Basketball from Outside of USA

Hi All,

I am a hardcore Spurs fan and I relocated to my home country of India this off-season. It's a totally different experience following Spurs from outside of Austin/San Antonio. Now that I have to mainly depend on the internet for daily updates, I thought of sharing my experiences through this. Playoffs basketball are shown here on a regular basis, but I can watch only 4-5 regular season games of Spurs, I guess. Thanks mainly to (can't wait for those round-tables and the Pop shows!), I don't feel I am too isolated over here ;-)

I wish there'd be some sort of NBA league pass here in Asia in the coming years so that NBA fans can enjoy the regular season too.

A new season for the Spurs with no less of a goal than winning it all. Off-Season moves look good so far with addition of Brent Barry, bringing back Horry (huge). Got to wait and see how Beno Udrih is gonna work out. I hope he turns out be a gem.

Go Spurs GO!


At 3:33 AM, Blogger Sports Guy said...

Congratulations to Spurs on their 3rd Western Conference Championship in 7 years!!! Can't wait for the NBA finals to start!!! (Although 8 days of break is most welcome considering Manu and Timmy are banged up)

Go Spurs Go!!!


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