Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Okay - Finally it has happened after a full year (starting last Feb) of hearing that Malik is on the trading block. While it is not a surprise, trading Malik was really a big blow to the city of San Antonio, Fans. I mean the emotional reactions spoke of themselves about how everyone felt. Not considering the business/game aspect from the Spurs front office perspective, it was truly a sad day for me (and rest of Spurs fans). It took a while to get out of that funk (heck - even the players stunk in the Memphis game). Malik is a gem of a guy and he represented all about Spurs.

Having said that, I, for one don't argue Pop and R.C's decision - time and again they have proved they make intelligent moves. Hope it work outs great with Nazr Mohammed. I'd think we gain height advantage while not losing the hustle-play of Malik and of course money-wise it's a smart decision.

On the sidenote, why is it that Isiah happpens to pull dumbest moves each time he makes a personnel decision? I mean, the guy beats himself ;-) For the record, it looked good when he traded for Marbury last year and now you see the difference between Suns and Knicks - For all the geniuseness (??) this guy had as a player, he is proving a terrible front-office guy (and coach).

All-Star weekend was good - not the actual game. It's funny Pop got his first All-star game after these many years (well, our sluggish starts were always there ;-) ).
I could never convince myself with all that NBA is selling about this one. Anyway it's just me. Good to see Pop not burning KG and Timmy as they had requested him to limit their minutes.

All in all, this was a month full of happenings! Things are starting to heat-up in March!!