Friday, April 22, 2005


Alright, Playoffs are about to start and great to know Timmy is back on the court!! Hopefully, there'll be some good news about Devin too along the way.

The two double OT games at Clippers and Warriors defined what this team is all about - Manu and Tony were huge in respective games and it was great to see an overall team effort. I got to rate it right up there near our Feb '03 roadtrip win streak in terms of team effort and staying focussed when things are going not too well. Hail the coach!!

Big Dog seems to hitting strides - can't believe this guy didn't play basketball all season and here he is playing great. Nazr seems to be learning the new system quite well too and pulling lot of rebounds consistently. Timmy seems to be comfortable so far and what better news a Spurs fan can ask for !!! And Manu being Manu!!!

Overall shaping up well for the Playoffs!!

Go Spurs Go!!!

Friday, April 01, 2005

March Games

Historically month of March is when Spurs play great ball and prepare themselves for the post-season - and here comes the heart-stopper - Timmy going down with an ankle injury - Manu playing hurt (after missing some) didn't/doesn't help either. Going by Pop's words Duncan won't be ready until the start of playoffs - so much depends on the rest of the team to step up and play good through the rest of regular season.

Saw clips of Sean Elliot's Jersey retirement on express-news website - They could've edited'em better. The guy is a stud and deserves it. Nice gesture from the Spurs to the man who along with David Robinson bought so much to the franchise. It was nice to see Avery Johnson taking some time off to attend it.

Saw the Seattle game - Great win!

Great to see the team holding on by winning some games - Screw home court advantage and the seeding, just stay competitive till the big fella comes back.