Saturday, May 21, 2005

Playoffs: 2nd Round

Coming into the Sonics series, Spurs expected it's going to be different ball game than the previous round - real physical battle with hard-fouling big bodies that the sonics are going to throw at them.

To me, Sonics mentally lost the battle before the start of the series - Ray Allen crying about he can't play well against Bruce because of his sissy basketball, refs allowing Bruce to get away with all he does. etc. I mean I can't seem to recall a superstar (btw, tag is questionable to Ray considering what superstars are supposed to do in the playoffs - carry the team) bitching more about others than what he can do on the hardwood. Seriously, Did anyone outside of the coffee-town bought his crying?

Spurs did what they were supposed to do in games 1 and 2. I was expecting them to win at least one in Seattle. Missed shot from Duncan on the last possesion of game 3 gave sonics some life and credit them, for they fed off from it and played a solid game 4 to even the series.

There had been so much talk Radmonovic - like if he was not injured, Sonics would have pounded Spurs, etc. But going by his strength of 3-pt shooting I doubt it'd have been that much of a factor as Spurs typically defend the 3-pt shooting well. Yeah he'd have been a difference, but I never thought Sonics had a reasonable shot winning the series although they were the toughest matchups.

Games 5 and 6 were hard-fought battles and I am glad Spurs came through.

You got to love Nazr stepping up and playing some good ball. The guy is so spurs-like, I don't even recall that he joined Spurs only recently.

It was nice to see Antonio Daniles shining through (you can't stop loving some ex-spurs - can you?) . Hopefully he lands a good deal for himself this summer.

While Spurs advance to the next round, Sonics have a tough off-season to take care of - proiorities being re-signing coach Nate and deciding on the roster that is currently full of free agents.

It's going be a hell of a conference finals with Suns and I feel NBA has a lot to gain from the series - Two talented teams minus BS going at each other trying to impose their style of play.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Playoffs: 1st Round

There were plenty of questions heading into the first round. How good Tim and Manu are feeling? Could Rasho and Devin see some playing time and be effective? How Barry is going to work-out? Is Nuggets' frontline is for real? etc.
Game 1 was a disappointment if not ringing an alarm. Started wondering if this Free Throw shooting is going to cost us big time. On a positive note, we couldn't have played any worse and were still had a chance to win.

Pop pulled a fantastic trick out of his brain to move Manu on to the bench - I'm sure no other coach/analyst who is following the series would have ever thought about it. In the hindsight though, we all tend to agree that it was not just a fluke but a well thought-out move considering Devin is almost not going to be there and we badly needed a lift.

There weren't any surprises in 3,4 and 5 - as Pop and Manu had literally brought the George Karl and the Nuggets down in game 2. The rest of the series was more about Coach Karl's blah-blah's, K-mart's crybaby antics. Honestly, more than Spurs defeating Nuggets, it was about Pop hitting a knock-out punch on Karl - Karl was really clueless what was happening in the series.

Funny Nuggets and their fans turned big time on Manu (more than what they did for Kobe) - It's crap because this guy represents what basketball is all about - he is truly amazing!! It's not just the homer in me (or any Spurs fan) that feels this way, but any true basketball fan would love to watch Manu.