Thursday, June 09, 2005

NBA Finals: Game 1

I am glad the Spurs came through this one. The way they started the game, I started thinking this one has uglyness written all over it and honestly couldn't just watch for a stretch. Pop called two great timeouts to keep the house in order and put in Horry, Barry (surprise for so many) and finally the team responded with great energy at least on the defensive end. Too many turnovers, bad decisions and easy baskets for Pistons early in the game made Spurs to dig deep and pullout collectively as a team.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Devin on the floor, but didn't understand the way Pop spread out minutes for Brent,Devin and Glenn. May be he wanted to feel how the matchups are going to work. This combination has to produce offensively in the coming games. If Bruce can hold 7-21 kind of games for Rip, I will take him going zero points any game. It was combination of Rip missing easy ones and Manu helped out Bruce for some minutes.

Timmy being Timmy whether it is running game or defensive war was normal. Should I even talk about Manu? I'll leave it to experts and the whole media world to write millions of words. Tony was okay but he has to do a lot better in ball-handling and control the pace of game.

I was surprised Coach Brown didn't run plays for Rasheed esp. in second half. May be he decided to live and die with guards. Billups was great as usual and hope Pop throws in different strategy on him. Prince's play didn't help them either.

I'd hope to see Nazr/Timmy/Horry to be real agressive on defense and help out our guards on screens to make life tough for Pistions' backcourt. Tony is clearly the key now and he should come in to the game with a lot of focus to make good decisions on the court.

It's all about adjustments in game 2. It will be interesting to see Pop's bench rotation and him figuring out a way speed up the game.


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