Monday, June 13, 2005

NBA Finals: Game 2

First half of game 2 was more like a typical Spurs game - coming out strong on both ends of the floor. I personally liked Tony's and Nazr's effort especially Nazr's because it didn't show up in the box score. Nazr deserves some serious love from the fans.

Coach Brown decided to force Bruce to hit shots and it hurt them badly - We all Spurs fans know Bruce can knock down open shots, but that is what an opponent should do when they Tim, Tony and Manu were in a zone. Manu brought in another aspect of his game - by knocking from outside - Pistons looked confused about their game plan against him. Tony was great defensively all game long. There was fun too in this game - with Manu, Tony and Brent making great passes for great plays. Also, Spurs ran a lot and were good at it.

As for Pistons' offense, their shots were equally distributed among Hamilton,Billups and Sheed but the guards were ineffective. Prince is not contributing at all and it's going to be tough for them he continues like this.

Now that the series is moving to Detroit, Spurs have to remain focussed and come out aggresively in game 3, because this is a key game and Pistons will be in trouble if they Spurs bring in their game.

Bottom note: I was listening to Ahmad Rashad's show for game 1 and Antonio Daniels talking about Timmy. It's great to know some of Timmy's life off the court and that he is as cool a guy as anyone. The way he's been friends with role players like Antonio Daniels, Stephen Jackson and Malik Rose shows that the guy is cool to hang-out with.

Go Spurs Go!!!


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