Friday, June 17, 2005

NBA Finals: Games 3 and 4

I'd have to say right at the beginning, these games were not just disappointing, but real heart-breakers. Of course, it's just not the Pistons' won on their home-court but the sheer lack of aggressiveness and attitude shown by the team that hurts. Losing this big is going to shake you up a lot, but it's not the time to panic. They have to pull it together in game 5 or the series would be as good as over. I hope someone stands-up and takes over the team for the next two games and leads them and lifts the team out of trouble.

I' definitely don't want to take another shot at my heart anymore. Spurs just don't have to be cautious for game 5 but play it like their last game of the season.

Go Spurs Go!!!


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