Monday, June 06, 2005

NBA Finals: Preview

So here we are going against Pistons in the NBA finals. This is going to be a hell of a matchup. While the Spurs-Suns series was great and fun, this one is going to be great too but could be ugly at sometimes.

Not to take away anything from what Pistons have achieved so far, Spurs would go into the series confidently. Spurs will be cautious but not over-awed in facing the defending champions. There are going to be some tough matchups that'll decide the series.

Parker-Billups : Historically Tony has struggled against bigger guards, but Tony of 2005 is matured and increased his basketball IQ over a period of time. He'd do a good job defensively (IMO only Marbury used to abuse Tony regularly) but his offense against Billups is what counts. Tony looks very adaptable this season if things are going tough so he'll be just fine. Tony should be little creative though on the offense to overcome the hurdles.

Ginobili-Prince: This is going to be the matchup of the Finals. Two Dynamic guys going against each other at both ends and a flair of unpredictability each bring to the court will be awesome.

Bowen-Hamilton: While Rip is very quick, Bruce is as best you can get to chase the guy.Bruce on the offensive end though should make sure he keeps Rip engaged in defending him just to tire him a bit , if not score those corner 3s.

Duncan/Mohammad- Wallaces: Rasheed has defended Timmy reasonably well in previous years, but Timmy is so good he is gonna over come any matchup thrown at him. The problem for Timmy would be to stay on perimeter to make sure Rasheed just jacks up outside shots. Nazr should be as effective as he has been this playoffs on boards.

Finally, it boils down to who play the team-ball together and run set offense/defense well. It's not like previous series, where Nash was the key no matter how much Amare was dominant.

I am sure Pop will come up with a great strategy for the series to handle Hamilton/Billups/Prince over a best-of-7 series.

Go Spurs Go!!!


At 8:20 AM, Blogger korn20 said...

Tim owns Rasheed. Rasheed will get into early foul trouble against a determined Duncan thus taking him out of the series. Nazr needs to be huge off the glass. If the spurs get out and run like the suns series, its over.

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Sports Guy said...

I agree with everything you have said except the 'owning' part, but yes Duncan in the playoffs is altogether a different deal. The only point Sheed scores is he has done reasonably good against Duncan - but that was when he was a post player. Now he just jacks up from the perimeter.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger korn20 said...

I think this is a more complete Duncan. Sure he carries the team but only by presence. He can create space for others to work. Ultimatly its going to be Tim on the blocks creating offense, again unless Detroit comes with the quick double, I can't remember how Detroit played Tim during the first game. Although this is the Finals and both teams have stepped up huge, but I do remember Bruce holding Rip to 20 or so shooting like 35 percent. This is going to be the a classic finals unless Parker goes off. Nice talking with you.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Sports Guy said...

Detroit doesn't double-team - they play straight-up (yeah even with Shaq). So it is not entirely upto Timmy to create the offense -good thing we have Tony and Manu. Timmy is going to get 25-13-3-3 on every single game irrespective of the opponent, single/double/triple coverage etc. No matter what experts are saying about Detroit limiting Manu and Tony's drives to the basket, I still believe those two are going to succeed.
Their help defense is as good ours esp. Ben Wallace's weakside help. So I'd hope he guards Duncan so Rasheed Wallace can't react quickly to Timmy's moves from the weakside. Nazr is as key as Tony to the series. He got to be there for offensive rebounds, putbacks etc. He has done a very decent job at it so far in the playoffs.


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